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Save The Mid-City Bonfire December 17, 2008

Posted by The Typist in 504, Mid-City, New Orleans, NOLA.

UPDATE: If you are coming to the bonfire, please read the Guidelines here. 10-31 mf

The City of New Orleans has announced plans to try to suppress the century-old tradition of a bonfire of Christmas trees on the Orleans Avenue neutral ground at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s some commentary from the NOLA.Com Mid-City Forum posted by someone with the pen name doeraymefaso. I think the suggestion that this is all the work of ‘Communiss’ gives some credence to the idea he’s been around long enough to know what he’s talking about.

Sadly, our council member Shelly Midura has indicated that she supports the decision to kill a century old tradition. Rumor is that they will flood the street with police and firemen to make sure it doesn’t happen. Apparently the NOPD and NOFD don’t have enough to do on New Year’s Eve, such as stopping idiots who fire live rounds into the air.

Please call your councilperson, and the NOPD and NOFD and tell them to back off. If they hate New Orleans traditions, I hear they’re hiring in Atlanta.

This bonfire has been going on long before the fifty years stated on this forum. My father remembers having the bonfires as a boy and he is 96 years old. It was always just a neighborhood thing until recent years. Now someone or some group has to protect us from ourselves. I would think the people calling for control don’t lived around the Orleans Ave area, if they did they would know the bonfire has always been under control and people at the bonfire can govern themselves. I guess this is our future, more control by people who think they know what is best for everyone else. It think this is what some might call communism. To everyone out there who thinks they want what is best for other, please leave well enough alone. MYOB Keep it real. Fight the powers that be, hide your trees until the very end. Remember when we had to hide the tree behind Diebert school and when they took the trees off the neutral ground we went through the neighborhood getting everyone to give up their trees. Real Mid-City neighbors would never dream of destructing this historic event.

Help save our city’s traditions. Help save the Mid-City Bonfire.



1. KamaAina - December 17, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka from the sacred ‘aina (land) of Hawai’i!

But please, please, I beg you, never say “Rumor is they will flood the street…”


2. Wet Bank Guy - December 17, 2008

Someone please stop Jimmy Buffet from singing in my head all afternoon. I’m more in the mood for Leon Redbone’s version.

Please ask Pele to help save out bonfire.


3. Puddinhead - December 17, 2008

See? You get it. The sentiments in your post are exactly why I continue to fire off my 9mm into the air at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Everybody in the Ninth Ward neighborhood I grew up in has been ringing in the new year with gunfire for decades…it’s a New Orleans tradition. Every now and then somebody gets hurt–I mean, like every so many years you hear about somebody getting hit by a falling bullet, but not every year. I mean, most people DON’T get hit by falling bullets, right? So I figure the tradition aspects of it far outweigh the public safety aspects. Because nothing says “Happy New Year!” like a long night of alcohol consumption topped off with a furious discharge of firearms.

Except maybe a long night of alcohol consumption topped off with a raging fire in a windy residential neighborhood! Happy New Year, y’all!!


4. Wet Bank Guy - December 17, 2008

Sorry, PH, but that’s a specious argument. We have the NOFD standing by with a truck watching every year, and plenty of NOPD on the streets keeping it reasonable.

Now if I catch the idiot who was cleaning out his aerial flares last year…


5. Puddinhead - December 17, 2008

That, of course, was almost unadulterated snark. While we were pretty much surrounded by discharging weapons at my Ninth Ward home, I did not in fact join in. Truth be told, I’ve never even fired a weapon.

But we did have a yearly bonfire in the Winn Dixie parking lot across the street (before Winn Dixie expanded to take up the whole lot), using the traditional Christmas tree fuel. What memories, and good times. There was only that one time when the sparks flew in that guy’s kitchen window and caught the curtains on fire…but he put it out by himself before coming over to confront whoever was responsible for setting his house ablaze, so it was all good. Oh, and there was that one other year when my Dad set himself on fire…but he eventually remembered the whole “Stop, drop, and roll” bit, so he put himself out after a while. My Mom took him up to the emergency room…it was touch and go, but he made it through the next few days, and then they said he was really likely to survive. Some skin grafts, and about four months in Hotel Dieu and a couple of years of followup medical visits and he was good as new. Well…maybe not “good as new”…but hey, it was tradition. What else could we do?


6. KamaAina - December 17, 2008

I didn’t even know Buffett had covered that! I better not tell you that we thend to be loyal to the Bing Crosby version hereabouts…

Meanwhile, the just-concluded office Chris — er, holiday party featured (drum roll, please) bread pudding! One of the other agencies had some left over from a fundraiser… the twist is, Hawai’i bread pudding has *chocolate* in it! Also, whipped cream is squirted on top, in lieu of anything remotely alcoholic. Kind of caught me on the hop. Rather tasty, though. See, now *that’s* the way to innovate at the holidays!


7. Lisa Paul - December 17, 2008

Got a meme award yesterday that I was supposed to pass along to eight other bloggers. Instead, I decided to point my readers to eight NOLA bloggers that I’ve been silently reading for awhile now.

Thanks for your interesting posts and for keeping NOLA front and center, in a personal way, for those of us who only see the city through the occasional news story. My post here: http://leftcoastcowboys.com/2008/12/17/spreading-the-linky-love-to-new-orleans/


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11. Arajay - December 18, 2008

I am an Orleans Ave resident and have created my own flyer as a counter option to let the city know how we feel about this threat to our holiday.

preview it here:

download a printable version and post them in your neighborhood:


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