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Grandpa Elliot and Friends: Stand By Me October 29, 2008

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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Most of you probably know of Washboard Chaz, but unless you frequent the quarter you may have missed Grandpa Eliot. He is often found playing a mean harp on Toulouse Street and Royal (or is it Chartres?). Here he is with a few other fellow street performers from all over the world covering “Stand By Me”.

And don’t miss this short of One Love by the same Playing For Change: Peace Through Music folks.

Don’t forget: It’s time for Rising Tide, the annual bloggers conference on the future of New Orleans, with featured guest Harry Shearer!.


1. Granda Elliot’s Nutcracker « Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans - December 14, 2008

[…] This Playing for Change video is now the leading driver of visitors to this site. Grandpa Eilliot is apparently quite an internet celebrity. But internet hits don’t pay the bills, and until he sets up a paypal donation button all I ask is this: if you find yourself Christmas shopping downtown, spare a buck for this street legend. Imagine what the quarter would be like without street musicians (particularly the talented ones). […]


2. Cristóbal Ramírez - December 24, 2008


Cristóbal Ramírez


3. Earlean - December 31, 2008

Grandpa Elliot really has talent. What the world needs now is love and if we love there will be peace around the world.


4. Herman Petker - January 7, 2009

I am taking a road trip and going to New Orleans to find and listen to this American treasure Grandpa Elliot. If you listen to ‘Stand By Me’ there is no way to not appreciate his unique talent and presentation. I will be donating more than $1 to listen to his street concert.


5. Gustavo - January 14, 2009

que melodía no me canso de escuchar al abuelo que buena musicaaaaaaaaaa


6. Patrick Maguire - April 11, 2009

Tremendous. Thank you.


7. Maurice Orange - May 2, 2009

Grandpa Elliott is a national treasure! I’m going to make it a point to travel to New Orleans to listen to him in person, and give thanks for his contribution to us all. I pledge to put my money where my mouth is!


8. cruisegirl60 - May 15, 2009

bought the song but sure would love an entire CD, why don’t the powers that be scoop up this wonderful man and make a CD


Tammy - Natchez, MS - May 28, 2009

Grandpa is a friend of mine. I called him today and read internet articles to him as he sat on the corner of Royal and Toulouse. He said to thank everyone for their kind words and to everyone who has come to find him on Royal and Toulouse, he thanks you for coming to his home and enjoying his music.

He also said that Playing For Change has been good for him.

Grandpa has some CD’s that he sells on the street and he is also in process of preparing a CD to market on the internet.
Make sure that your CD’s are from Grandpa Elliot and NOT Elliot Small. More about the Elliot Small story will come about in the future. Hang in there and wait for his web-site.


9. connie pineo - June 20, 2009

This video touched my heart and soul! I love Grandpa Elliot. Is he blind? And you are so lucky to be a friend of his. I live in Nova Scotia and hope to someday visit New Orleans, just to look for Grandpa Elliot.


Tammy - Natchez, MS - June 20, 2009

Hi Connie;

Grandpa is not totaly blind, but he does not see very well at all.

Here are some videos that I have of him on youtube and a link to the Playing For Change website. Grandpa will be on tour with the PFC band at the end of this month and in July. You can sign up on the PFC website as a team member and receive updates of upcoming concerts, videos and other information.

I will make sure that Grandpa knows that you emailed me. He loves all of his fans.

Grandpa and Oscar – Only You – New Orleans

Oscar and Grandpa play the Blues

Oscar and Grandpa – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

Grandpa Elliot – Playing For Change

Playing For Change is about bringing world peace through music. You can hear and read more about PFC in this clip.


Tammy M. Brown
Natchez, MS 39120


10. David & Joyce Ann Morgan - August 29, 2009

My wife and I just spent a week in the French Quarter. We met him on a corner street and I mentioned seeing him on PBS singing his version with people from all over the world. I shook his hand and Grandpa Elliot sang “Stand by me” for us. We bought his first CD. He is very animated and full of life. He is a New Orleans icon!


nnitsirk - October 20, 2011

Where can I purchase Grandpa Elliott’s Cd? Does it have Stand By me on it ?? I love the man. wish I lived closer and i would visit him. I find that the sound has been somewhat blocked unable to listen to in full tonight? something about copy rights 2 ?


Mark Folse - October 21, 2011

I don’t own or control this video. It is just a link to YouTube.com. It is also one of the most popular reasons people come to my site. I will go check the video but if the organization that produces these videos hasn’t properly licensed the song from the owner, YouTube may have yanked the video. I know they sell CDs and DVDs of this materials and its probably properly licensed but that license may not cover YouTube.com rebroadcast. Or the automated software the music ownership companies use may have just auto-detected the use of their song.

I once posted a speech from When The Levees Broke on the blog, and later it was removed by the “copyright owner”. I actually managed to get in touch with Spike Lee’s people and they had no objecton to the video being removed, but some lawyer somewhere in the vast machine of Hollywood failed to recognize that excerpts like that speech constitute great free publicity for a film or record, driving sales.

I will try to reach out to folks who produced this and an IP lawyer I know and put up a post on why Stand By Me is getting the copyright violator treatment from YouTube.com.


11. Lethi - September 24, 2009

HI Tammy I am a webdesigner and more than happy to set up a website for him no charge of course!

Let me know if there is already any work on the way so I can help somehow!

Lethi Menger


12. bonnie flowers - January 27, 2010

i sure love the blues. also, enjoy grandpa eliot and his singing and playing.


13. Janet - April 14, 2010

amazing, amazing amazing


14. Mimi LeVasseur - August 28, 2010

my sister sent me a clip of Grandpa Elliot and others singing “Stand by Me” from all over the worls, I would love to have that on DVD. and I know of many musicians and lovers of music , who believe in “playforchange” (I’m all about and will spread the word on the east coast)
I have worked in a Jazz and Blues establishment for many years and I must say this video brought me to my knees and I would love to share it with the world.
Peace throught “music”


15. George Daigle, Ontario, Canada - October 7, 2010

I’ve bookmark the video ‘Stand by Me’.
I’ve must’ve watch it or listen to it I betcah 200 times.
Still to this day = I grings shivers to listen to it. Grandpa Eliot was bor the same year that I was. 1945.
Had to be a good year…


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18. nnitsirk - October 20, 2011

Bring Grandpa Elliott back singing stand By me. Don’t deprive us of such a beautiful message. Please !! Sound is blocked after about two minutes. Anyone know why ??


19. Nick - July 5, 2014

Have just heard Stand by Me by Gran Pa Elliot. I would love to know where I can by this CD. As I live in Australia it is very hard to find. If anyone could please help me out it would be great.
Email me Please
on nikdi@westnet.com.au


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