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Radtke cited by N.O.P.D. October 24, 2008

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The infamous gray paint vandal Fred Radtke has been issued a criminal summons by the NOPD after a team from Radtke’s Clean Sweep defaced a commission mural on private property, New Orleans CitiBusiness reports online. The New Orleans Times-Picayune had earlier reported the police had declined to press charges in spite of the flagrant offense, telling the property owner that the Radtke team’s trespassing and criminal damage were “a civil matter”.

If he is charged under the state’s new anti-graffiti law, Radtke could face a minimum one-year in prison, based on the value of some of the art he has recently defaced. He was not charged, however, for defacing works by the stencil artist Banksy on private property, an act caught on videotape. (see the link)

Rather than retype the excellent work of Loki at Humid City, I suggest we jump over their immediately to follow this developing story. Over to you, Loki and the Humid City Team.


1. Kate - October 25, 2008

Write his backers!

Several businesses give Fred hundred’s of thousands of dollars each year to destroy public property.

It’s obvious the people of NOLA are outraged as we drive around or city and see the handiwork of this arrogant man.

I’d love to see his books. How much money does he pay for laborers a few times a week and how much is his salary at his nifty little non-profit.

I heard Helm Paint donated the paint, no overhead, hundreds of thousands a year in donations? Nagin’s backing? NOPD won’t arrest him?


Write to Freeport McMoran and Helm Paint, dry up his funding!


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