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Flood September 13, 2008

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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I am not a musician. Instead, I write a bit: sketch a simple picture, perhaps tell a bit of a story, offer and defend my opinion. Nothing fancy here. If you want art, try the library or the museum. Sometimes the words don’t come. Staring at this glowing panel, songs sometimes come into my head. It is the curse of the post-industrial brain. We expect life to have a soundtrack, conditioned by a lifetime fof ilm and television. Life as Disneyworld via Rogers and Hammerstein: this thought, that song. Fifty years of programming and I am Ipod man.

Sometimes the songs are comforting, other times exciting, or even disturbing. Which ever sort it is, when the brain grows foggy from work or drink or exhaustion nothing can rejuvenate it like music. You read some words, or see an image and, suddenly, it is like some stage piece with a pianist in the corner as chorus. The protagonist wanders off to the edge of the stage, and the spotlight fills on a baby grand. The audience is rapt, waiting for the first note, for the omniscient word.

When I post these videos I often say it is the resort of the lazy blogger. Oh, look what I found on You Tube. Aren’t I clever? Sometimes that is true, the Internet as the modern version of solitaire and the clever find a wining hand. Other times, I go looking for something I can’t find inside my own head, or rather I search inside my head for what I think is there and I find instead this echo of something I heard a long time ago. It takes my breath away, and I have no words.

[Cue music]

Robert Fripp and Peter Gabriel


1. gregp - September 13, 2008



2. dave - September 13, 2008

Had never seen this video but the song was one of the first I picked up on the road after Katrina, remembered from college radio days. Haunting.


3. zouxzoux - September 14, 2008

I don’t think posting music is lazy. I think (speaking for myself) sharing music with your readers is another way of communicating your feelings. Sometimes music is better than our own words.


4. Wet Bank Guy - September 14, 2008

Precisely. In the end, it is a way of doing something beyond my personal capabilities and the limitations of of these pages. Placed in the context of my intent, it is a form of collaboration similar to sampling. I had always thought sampling lazy, but thinking about this post has lead me to reconsider. How much of cinema consists of “sampling” of the best work of the past that inspires today?


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