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We Are Wanderers July 5, 2008

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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We are wanderers. Are you anymore?

Saint Jerry Play For Us.


1. Adrastos - July 5, 2008

Btw, Mark, Jefferson Starship didn’t sell out until the late ’70’s. Their first 3 albums are really good and still heavily Kantner inspired. It was the ’80’s version that did all the shit and eventually Kantner sued over the name. That’s why they were called only Starship. So, the current JS is led by Kantner and Balin et al.


2. Wet Bank Guy - July 5, 2008

I know I have a vinyl copy of Baron von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun around here somewhere. I may have to drag out the turntable and give that a spin before the weekend is out.

The Airplane could be wildly inconsistent as well, but when they were at there best they were, well Plastic Fantastic. And BATE with all of the San Fran crowd sitting in is an absolute gem.


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