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Stupid Is June 25, 2008

Posted by The Typist in Toulouse Street.
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Can anyone explain to me why Gov. Bobby Jindal is ready to enthusiastically endorse an end run to allow the teaching of creationism in Louisiana public schools at the time the city of New Orleans and the Louisiana State University Medical School are pushing for creation of a bio-medical district in the downtown area?

How do I put this politely: If you believe in creationism, you are an idiot. You are so delusional that you are clearly not competent to govern your own affairs, much less mine. I don’t give a damn that the Pew Center finds some ridiculous percentage of Americans believe this. They are idiots, too. I’m embarrassed to have to share a country with them. If you are a politician and don’t believe in this nonsense but are pandering to these people, you are more dangerous than the idiots

I feel under no obligation to engage in civil discourse with people who cannot form coherent thoughts. It is a ridiculous expectation.

I’m just glad Bobby The Exorcist passed on medical school. The last thing I need while standing half-naked in an an examination room is some guy in a white coat stumbling in with a cross in one hand and a jar of leeches in the other hand spouting gibberish.

In a press release from the Louisiana Coalition for Science, Governor Bobby Jindal’s college genetics professor asks him not to “hold back the next generation of Louisiana’s doctors.” The press release introduces an open letter from the group calling for Jindal to veto SB 733, a bill which opens the door to creationism in the classroom,

Professor Arthur Landy, University Professor at Brown University who teaches in the medical school, taught the then-premed. Landy says “Without evolution, modern biology, including medicine and biotechnology, wouldn’t make sense. In order for today’s students in Louisiana to succeed in college and beyond, in order for them to take the fullest advantages of all that the 21st century will offer, they need a solid grounding in genetics and evolution. Governor Jindal was a good student in my class when he was thinking about becoming a doctor, and I hope he doesn’t do anything that would hold back the next generation of Louisiana’s doctors.”

Jindal passed up medical school for a Rhodes scholarship studying political science. Politics thus took him away from promising careers in medicine, law, or exorcism.

The full LCFS press release is…at http://lasciencecoalition.org.

May God save this Republic and our State from His believers.

Hat tip to Thoughts form Kansas


1. Nola - June 25, 2008

I don’t say it enough, but I love you. And your writing.


2. Greg Tomsho - June 25, 2008

So, Mr. Wet Bank:

Clearly, you are a Darwinist and all about evolution which I believe up to a point – certainly there is evolution within a species. But while theories exist of how new species can be created by evolution, they stand as theories. You chide creationists as stupid but there are different groups of creationists. I find it hard to swallow that we were all created a few thousand years ago in 7 days but old creationists believe the earth is indeed billions of years old but that a higher power had a hand in setting it all up – not in 7 days but over an extraordinary time period.

Of course, there is the big-bang theory – a nice theory until you ask “where did the singularity come from?” If God had a hand in that, which many renowned scientists believe, is that not a form of creationism?

I don’t think that the 7-days theory should be taught in science class as a theory with observable evidence but certainly there is room for alternate explanations than what is typically taught in today’s curriculum.

The bottom line is: there is much to take on faith to believe a natural selection happenstance that led to humans just as there is considerable faith involved in believing in creationism in any of its forms.


3. Wet Bank Guy - June 25, 2008

Faith is not science. Faith is taught in church. Science is taught in schools. I have no more idea what is on the other side of the singularity than the papal astronomer. However, I think he and I might agree that what is on the other side is a matter of faith and not science.

And I am not a Darwinist. Evolution in modern biology is not a doctrine handed down by a single graybeard in misty past. It It is a theory proposed by Darwin a long time ago, which has withstood substantial scientific investigation.

There is nothing wrong with your church suggesting that what we believe occurred in cosmology, biology, etc. was guided by a knowing or a loving hand. It is simply not something demonstrable by established scientific method and so should not be taught in science class.

But by your use of the term Darwinist I take it you are just playing the good cop, hoping we are all stupid enough to fall for it and let crap legislation like this go through.

We are not.


4. Steve - June 26, 2008

You go man! But unfortunately you’ll never pry open the tightly closed minds of the creationist morons. They’re to caught up in wallowing in their 4 – 5 thousand myths and superstitions to bother with reality.

Let’s see, scientifically proven facts or 4 – 5 year old myths and superstions written by primitive people? Hmmm….gee, that’s a hard decision! Heh heh. Yep. Idiots for sure.


5. Howie Luvzus - June 26, 2008

I don’t often call folks idiots. In many cased it’s just rude, but in some cases it is appropriate.

Thanks for doing my bidding for me. I guess Bobby’s hoping the bio-medical district will draw in smart people. That way, the idiots in Louisiana can service them. With education like Bobby proposes, there will be no brain drain when folks leave Louisiana!


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