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Oh, The Water June 15, 2008

Posted by The Typist in Corps of Engineers, Flood, flooding, New Orleans, NOLA, Toulouse Street, We Are Not OK.
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After the last post, I just want to say that everyone in New Orleans is concerned for the people of Iowa, just as they were for the people of Myanmar and the people of Tabasco, Mexico. Just because idiots seize on every catastrophe to dust off the old political whore mongering over Katrina has nothing to do with our sympathy for you, or the gratitude we feel for every Iowan and other American volunteer who has come down her to rebuild.

We are all of us, the people of the river and of the coast, at some time baptized in the waters of the flood. That immersion is no relief from the travails of this life. Instead it is like a plague out of the old book. But it promises we will come out after different, better and stronger.

I come back to this song written by Eliza Gilkyson after the Christmas tsunami of 2005 again and again, since I first heard it in September of 2005. This is the only on-line version I know of.

As I read about Iowa, I was irresistably drawn to hear it again.

This time it is for you: Requiem, by Eliza Gilkyson.


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3. greg walden - July 16, 2008

When I heard + saw of the flooding in Iowa and elsewhere, I gringed and thought of not only all the wonderful folks that have helped us coming from all over to the coast. I, however, could not help but reflect on those that still don’t seem to “get it”, don’t understand the suffering caused by such a disaster, natural or man-made. It is to them and to those who have suffered and are suffering that I pray the suffering will ease and humanity will always help their fellow man….a poem :
Not yet ….in 2008
A storm has blown over but never has left
There are seawalls to contend with and gulls to appease
There are roads to mend and a tale to ssueeze out
Of the souls that are silenced on the edge of a clift
Their tales are ones that many have heard and more forget
Cuz it hasn’t happened to them, not to them…not yet.

Greg Walden from New Orleans, June2008


4. greg walden - July 16, 2008

oops it was suppoe to be squeeze, not ssueeze…..gotta keep on dancin and smilin through it all..even through the tears…fais do do from down here…greg


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