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Oh, Didn’t He Ramble? April 13, 2008

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There are lots of pictures up of yesterday’s jazz funeral for Ashley Morris, but I want to call you in particular those by dbs of bark, bugs, leaves and lizards which are simply fantastic. The black and white drop outs below are particularly fine. So many have written so well about Friday’s event, I’ll leave it at helping to share out what Ashley cared deepest about (after his family): the unique music and culture of New Orleans.

Ashley’s wife Hana–at left behind the band, with the the children and the pall bearers–follow the band back from St. Leo’s Mausoleum.

The band turns that final corner with the mourners close behind. The dancing is tentative at first. We we are mostly as white as a truckload of Bunny Bread, and for most of the crowd this is their first jazz funeral. By the time the band has climbed the mausoleum steps in the next picture, the joyous sounds had mounted the crowd like the loa.

This is the part that G-Bitch describes, “the important dance-and-sweat-until-the-tears-stop part of the ritual,” the band on the steps of the priest’s mausoleum and the crowd around the camera.

I missed Ray’s eulogy as I had to split and run over to meet the band. I’m glad he’s posted it on his blog.

Ashley, remember this: no one who ever knew you can pass in or our of Jazz Fest without you in their thoughts. Like the bone men, we will carry you in our hearts into the Fairgrounds. You are a part of this city forever.


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