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Catching Cabbage March 16, 2008

Posted by The Typist in cryptical envelopment, Dancing Bear, Irish Channel, New Orelans, NOLA, parade, Toulouse Street.
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I caught almost two sacks of cabbage (the fullest of which, also packed with potatoes, carrots and the odd onion, was stolen), but this was the real treasure of this year’s Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday.
All of my food went with my son’s friend, whose mother the social worker shares it with her clients. I figure there was nothing I was going to do useful with 10 head of cabbage, so that worked out well. As for the stolen one, well, if you’re going to steal someone’s parade-caught food you probably needed it more than I did, so best-of-luck go with it.

We were showered with beads and other throws but the two pair of these, handed down to usein a bag by a co-worker of my wife’s, may be the single best throw I’ve gotten from a parade bar-none. It is certainly the best imaginable catch of the day at a New Orleans St. Patrick’s weekend parade.

Thanks to Celcus for the wee bit of fine Irish whiskey and general hospitality. We ran into Adrastos and Dr. A, and liprap and her spouse there as well.


1. Nola - March 16, 2008

Those are some might fine cabbage beads! And although it saddens me to hear someone stole your cabbage loot, I am refreshed by your well-wishing attitude. You are right–if they needed to steal your parade-caught cabbage, they need it pretty badly!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


2. liprap - March 17, 2008

That throw kicks some serious cabbage!

Glad to see you Saturday. 😎


3. Marco - March 17, 2008

Mark, could you please email me? I have a question. Thanks


4. celcus - March 18, 2008

You are more than welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

And if you really need some cabbage…somehow as party host you are left with a pile of abandoned, unwanted or forgotten throws, which included plenty of cabbage.


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