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Imagine (Canadian Language Version) February 15, 2008

Posted by The Typist in cryptical envelopment, Dancing Bear, music, New Orleans, peace, Toulouse Street.
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This one’s for Kevin Mahoney, and the other several billion angry peaceniks in the world. Someday we all just have to get fed up all at once at the same moment–while stopping perhaps to focus on a scattering of broken glass flashing in a vacant lot rampant with dandelions–and the heads of the entire leadership of the military-industrial establishment will all violently explode all at once, expelling in that fierce moment all of the world’s baleful intent, that last moment of violence a coyote-crushing anvil of perfect karma every childhood fan of classic cartoons will understand is as wonderful as a lotus unfolding in the hand of the bodhisattva.


1. Charlotte - February 15, 2008

No matter how I’ve tried over the years, I just don’t like Neil Young. And NO ONE can sing Imagine like Lennon.


2. Markus - February 16, 2008

Neil Young’s voice is an acquired taste, and this will never replace John’s version. However, for fans of Neil’s music, voice and politics it’s a great video. I must admit a fondness for singer-songwriters with grating voices.


3. LIsaPal - February 17, 2008

As an angry peacenik, it’s kind difficult for me to admit how satisfying it was imagining that “coyote-crushing anvil of perfect karma.” But it really was.


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