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Space is the Place January 18, 2008

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Space is the Place

“The first thing to do
is to consider time
officially as ended.
We work on the other side
of time”
— Sun Ra

I want to march like Sun-Ra
in glittering alien threads
into an Oakland pool-hall
and declare our intention to embark.

New Orleans, as ruined as the pyramids,
rising up majestic in the air
on howling trombone notes of joy
to launch another crescent in the sky.

The sun will strike us colorblind
once we’re beyond the atmosphere.
We’ll cast the last debris off over Kansas
and shower them a carnival of stars.

Together like stranded astronauts
who’ve exhausted the last of our air,
we’ll lift off the mask at last
and dare to breath together.

We’ll claim our place at last
in the ancient parade of zodiac
where Bayou Andromeda
brushes up against the Milky Way

Cross-posted from Poems Before Breakfast.


1. btrnyc - January 19, 2008

great poem.lovely imagery.hope we all get to that place together where bayou andromeda brushes up against the milky way.

have deep memories of michael ray and the kozmik krewe doing the eponymous song by sun ra at jassfest and emptying the jass tent out of ALL of those afraid of innerastral travel….was a strangely sad and powerful and funny thing to watch people fleeing from music at the same exact moment you were digging it.

nothing funny about HK’s disfigurement of mother orleans.
way beyond another national tragedy.another national shame.



2. Brad - February 9, 2008

I saw Micheal Ray’s group perform”The Shadow World”,and everyone in the audience was just standing there,puzzled.
Today is the Shadow of Tomorrow
Because Coming Events cast there shadow before


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