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Silence is Violence Remembers January 11, 2008

Posted by The Typist in 504, Crime, Debrisville, je me souviens, New Orleans, NOLA, We Are Not OK.
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Update: Not a day passes that this page isn’t visited by someone searching for the name of a person on the list below. As I suggested here in a more recent post, if you knew one of these people I encourage you to take a minute and leave a memorial comment. Be a part of the dialogue of remembrance.

Silence is Violence will mark the one-year anniversary of the New Orleans March on Crime with a press conference at noon today, Jan. 11 2008, on the steps of City Hall, and an evening concert at the Howlin’ Wolf.

Blogger md filter (formerly da po boy), who tracks issues around crime, lists those who died in needlessly in violence in 2007. The list is below.

Remember. Silence is Violence.

Corey Hayes
Cedric Johnson
Hilary Campbell Jr.
Randall Thomas
Kevin Williams
Helen Hill
Jealina Brown
Steve Blair
Jeffery Santos
Chivas Doyle
Christopher Ruth
Tyrone Andrew Johnson
Ronald Holmes
James McGittigan Jr.
Roy Warner Jr.
Eldon Gaddis
David Crater
Daniel Allen
Chrishondolaye Lamothe
Tamara Gabriel
Robert Dawson
Michael Dunbar
Damon Brooks
Ivan Brooks
Alden Wright
Harrison Miller
Roy Grant
David Cagnalatti
Lionel Ware III
Aaron Allen
Josh Rodrigue
Herbert Preston
Byron Love
Ronnie Keelen
Mitchell Pierce
Kevin Pham
Kevana Price
Warren Thompson
Glynn Francois Jr.
Sean Robinson
Larry Ramee III
Warren Simpson
Antoine Williams
Terry Despenza
Eldridge Ellis
Travis Johnson
Phillip R. Boykins
Charley Zeno
Carl Anthony McLendon
Terry Brock
Cleveland Daniels
Alexander Williams
Terry Hall
Dominic Bell
Gregory Singleton
Damont Jenkins
Troy Thomas
Artherine Williams
Keith Moore
Nicholas Smith
Eligio Bismark Espinoza
Daniel L. Prieto
Curtis Helms Jr.
Troy Dent
Curtis Brenson
Michael Combs
Jay Landers
Mark Oneal
Corey Coleman
Emanuel Gardner
Edward Charles Balser
Arthur Dowell
Montrell Faulkin
Anthony Placide
Ernest Williams
Harry Heinzt Jr.
Robert Billiot
Willie Simmons
Tammie Johnson
Larry Hawkins
Terrell Ceazer
George Hammond
Persale R. Green
Joseph Magee
Albert Phillips
Samuel Gonzales
Darryl Williams
Robin Malta
Jason Wynne
Jerrell Jackson
Christopher Roberts
Samuel Williams Jr.
Jeremy Tillman
Jennifer Williams
Gary Walls
Arthur Jackson IV
Henry Newman
Johnny Martin III
Travan Coates
Jeffery Tate
Jerome Banks
Eric Fobbs
Keith Page
Adrian Davis
Paul Burks
Leon Williams Jr.
Dallas Jerome
James Johnson
Anthony White
Dellshea LeBlanc
John W. Barrow III
Kevin Underwood
Pablo Mejia Jr.
unidentified man
Thomas Jackson
unidentified man
Demond Phillips
Michael Phillips
Luong Nguyen
Anjelique Vu
Terry Johnson
Chauncy Smith
Cornelius Curry
Nia Robertson
Kadeem Wise
Percy Read
Freddie Davis II
Edwin Stuart
Corwin Shaffer
Julio Benitez-Cruz
Wilford Holmes
Perry L. Oliver
Donald Gullage
Kong Kham Vongvilay
Wisan Inthamat
Boon Roopmoh
Louis Heim
Brandon Snowton
Carnell Wallis
Thomas Dominick
Larry Gooden
Gerald Howard
Larry Butler Jr.
Phillip A. Carmouche Jr.
unidentified man
Aaron Harvey
Mario Anthony Green
Jason Snyder
Perry Watts
Lionel J. Hills
Warren Martin
Dwayne Landry
Don Smith
Demetrius Gooden
Townsend Bennett
unidentified man
Thelonius Dukes
Gregory Hayes
Charles Miller
Eddie Bernard
unidentified man
Carmen Leona Reese
Cedrick Brooks
Waldon Howard
unidentified man
Antwon McGee
Jason Anderson
Archie Solet
Shana Thomas
Brian Lee
David Bryan Alford Jr.
Brett Jason Jacobs
Howard Pickens
Darryl Daggons
Matthew Qualls
Aubrey Powell
John Batiste
Toran Landry
Anthony Walker
Lester Denis
Cardero Davis
Javier Sanchez
Julian Mathins
Theodore J. Leach
Daniel Baham
Jubbar Scott
Tyrone Lanaux Jr.
Andre Toussaint
Eddie Spiller
Carlos Miller
Sheldon Dean
Rigoberto Dominguez
Angela Thomas Bryant
Brandon Brown
Jermaine Turner
Alejandro Pecina Ruiz
George Hankton III
Aaron Williams
Frank Whittington
unidentified person
Jesse Jones
Chanell Sanchell
James Jones
Wendell Millro
Elizabeth Chapman
Clayton Johnson Jr.


1. Connie - January 13, 2008

so very, very sad. My precious 32 year old son with cerbral palsy died on April 26 but I know he woke up in the arms of Jesus and is in a wonderful place with all of the victims above. My prayers are with these families.


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3. Tiara C. Williams - March 15, 2008

This will be the first time I write something on the death of my godbrother only because it seems so hard to believe he is gone. His name is Dwayne Landry and he was shot in the back of his head on October 1st 2007. He was 25 years old, definitely too young to die, especially the way he did. He was a United States Army man, he worked for the New Orleans Sheriffs Office and he did security work. Perhaps he was too much of a goodie for whomever it was that took his life but I want the world to know that when he died, the world was a less better place for it. He was always the mediator and the humorous one, and my better half. I still hear him say “No Tee” whenever I get mad and want to whip some ass. Words cant explain how much I miss my brother. We spent countless holidays together, we shared stories, and though we weren’t blood related, I was closer to Dwayne than I am to all of my blood related family members. We had hard times together, we came out of battles together, when his father died, I was there and when my step-mother and grandmother died, he was there for me to talk to. This was a young man who was the youngest of both his parents children and yet someone felt he had to go. I know everything happens for a reason and who am I to question god, but I still dont understand, “Why Dwayne?” This was a young man who took care of his only child, loved with his whole heart regardless of how many times it may have been broken and always held out a helping hand. And though no one is perfect, in my mind he was. Feel me when I say tears roll down my face as I write this and I dream about him almost everynight. And everytime I have a dream with him in it, the dream seems so real and I say these words everytime, “Dwayne, It’s really you and you’re not dead” and I hug him and I dont let go until I wake up and reality hits again. I believe that silence is violence because if you know a wrong has been done you should tell someone. Please don’t wait until it happens to you or someone in your family because by that time, its too late. I know that catching the person who killed my brother will not bring him back but I know it will keep that person from hurting anyone else. My heart goes out to all those whom have lost a loved one to crime because one is too many. People, we need to speak up and take our city back because people are being killed in places we used to just hang out and have fun. Anyways, if you knew my godbrother then you probably know me and you know I tell no lies when I say he was a great boy and an even greater man. I cried when he went to the military a week after 9/11 because I could stand the thought of another man killing him in a war, but he made that decision which helped him evolve into manhood. I never thought this would be the way he’d die.
Rest in Peace Big Brother
Love You Always


4. Markus - March 15, 2008

Thank you for that, Tiara. I encourage others who find there way here to leave behind a remembrance. Anonymous posting is OK. You don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to just type something.


5. Markus - March 16, 2008

Another memory link, this one to a single comment by a victim’s sister on BlogNOLA about Dominic Bell.


6. Wendy - May 14, 2008

Carmen Leona Reese…
an amazing girl who wasn’t afraid of anything,
she was so full of life! the one thing that set her aside from everyone and the reason she became my friend was her laughter. she was my Love as i called her, my best friend, my everything… ripped away from me just like that… by some low life who will didn’t deserve to have seen her beautiful face.
all she could think about was her 18th birthday that’s all she prayed and wanted was to turn 18…
and it was taken from her. only a week and a couple days more and it was hers…
it’s hard for me to admit she’s gone, i keep thinking that one day she’s going to come back to houston ring my door bell and tell me all her great stories about what she has seen and done…
i miss her so much…
and it’s because of her that i believe in heaven because there is no other place that she could be…
while she did some bad things her heart was that of a saints…
i miss you my love….


7. KEYONNA - May 15, 2008


We miss you like crazy. Your smile melts my heart and touches my soul. I love Louis like I never loved. Look how fast 11 years pass by ,we was just at our prom together. I think god daily for the two percious gifts you left behind for me. Your son talks about you and smile. Sometimes, I find myself smiling when I see him looking at me. Though your sons, your spirit lives on. At times, I’m mad as hell to know somebody took you away from us for something so minor. People don’t understand the meaning of life any more.I know one day we will reunite; in addition, I know you are watching over us. Until then, I hold on to our memories and laugh at your silly jokes that only I understood. My prays goes out to the families that has lost someone. Stay strong and though god you will make it though the storm. Loving you always, my high school sweetheart and my love……


8. Wet Bank Guy - May 15, 2008

Thank you Wendy and Keyonna for coming here and leaving your memorials. I’ll put up a new blog post pointing back here so that newer readers are more likely to come back here and find this.

What is remembered lives.


9. Thank you, Wendy and Keyonna « Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans - May 15, 2008

[…] Not a day goes by that I don’t have visitors coming in from Google or somewhere else to that page, a constant reminder on those days when the newspaper is free of reports of another shooting. Not many people leave comments, but I got two in one day and thought I should call them out. Please go read Wendy and Keyonna’s comments on the post Silence is Violence Remembers. […]


10. Dionne Atley - May 19, 2008

This message is dedicated to my brother-in-law, George Hankton, III. Life brings about sudden suprises and you not being here is one of those surprises. You were one of the kindest people I have ever met. I thank God for the opportunity to have known you and your nieces will miss you greatly, especially Kyleigh Reese. She still asks where you are each time we visit home. I love you, George! You are Hollygrove’s Finest Fallen Soldier!

Love your Sister in Law for Life,
Dionne a.k.a Sunshine


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[…] takenmore than a passing interest in the forgotten victims of the city’s murder epidemic, I applaud the TP […]


12. ... - December 10, 2008


Although we lost the privilege of having you by our side, you will always be in our heart. We miss you so very much. Until we meet again, may yourest in peace.


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14. TJP - March 8, 2009

Dellshea Leblanc was everything to me. I have never been in love with anyone untill I met him. I know he liked me for me. I hate that I never told him that. I know he knew it, and I also knew the feelings were mutual, but I should have said something. I talked to him everyday more than once. We talked for long periods of time and our conversations have never been empty. Sometimes people know when they are going to die I feel…He definitly let me know how he felt about a week before he passed. I hate that I didnt show him more affection, but I didnt want him to think I was easy and green. You would think after being with him for three years that everything would be good. I think that made us even closer becasue people now days are so quick to say how much they love somebody and dont really show them. We showed each other love so we knew we loved each other, however saying it means so much too. I want him to know that im hurting. Still to this day I am hurt. Im young, but it is not the same. I dont think I will ever find that again. He was wonderfull to me…..I loved being in his presence. I loved how he kissed me. I loved how he talked to me. I loved how he laughed when I said something funny. I love how he loved me. I dont want to die anytime soon….when I do though….I want him to be one of the people who greets me at the pearly gates of heaven. I know thats where he is. He was so much more to me than he ever knew…..I love you Dellshea A. Leblanc….Im sorry……..God Bless the familys and friends of everyone on this page……..


15. tracy eager - April 16, 2009

Theodore J. Leach
May you rest in peace, you are greatly missed!!


16. Estella - April 24, 2009

My daughter Carmen Leona Reese was murdered on 14 Oct 07 at 17 years of age. To me she is my little girl who was very hurt her parent’s military deployments to Iraq when she was even younger. She did become rebellious as most teens do any way, but her friend told me she was talking about needing to be home again just before she was murdered. Sometimes she’d just take off and I would get so upset because I was concerned for her safety. Her dad and I buried her the day before her 18th birthday, her brother next to us. I wrote to her: 22 Oct 07 “Carmen, Tody was your funeral – No words can describe how much I’m lost with you being gone – Carmen I had so many hopes for you so many plans yet for your life. Time seemed to move so slow today as it neared for us to say our good byes How do I say good bye to you? I wanted you before you were born – Your dad and I drove the cemetary & the hearst was there – I could not think of you being in there – Not my Carmen. Then your dad gently guided me to your site – your brother next to me. I prayed & prayed it would all stop, it’s still some how a mistake. but everything kept going on….my Carmen is gone. I’m left with only your memories now. I have a difficult time accepting; actually thinking you are truly gone – to act, talk, eat, go on like you are not gone, please Carmen, let it not be so…You are my life – I breathed for you – your voice strengthened me – I would have gone to the ends of the earth for you, but now I had to put you in the earth – Tomorrow, I will go back to leave you, your birthday card – remind you that I love you – your dad is sorry he cannot be here – his dad also passed away. But your brother and I will be there. We all love you and always will…..Love Mom”


Jessica Mitchell - June 6, 2010

I couldnt believe that my bestfriend was gone why her ? As time goes by my wounds cant heal she was my bestfriend and my sister. And I miss her ! I remember when we went out for my birthday and Carmen said something so random like she always did,and we just looked at her.. and she did that little hi-pitch laugh, man I miss her laugh it use to get on my nerves.Man i wouldnt give to hear her laugh.But, when I heard that she was gone my heart.


17. Tamara - March 16, 2010

OMG!! Dwayne Landry was my first love. He brought me to my first dance and throughout the years,we were friends. Im just finding out he is gone and I cant stop crying. D wasnt a gansta, he was one of the good guys. For something like this to happen to him hurts me to my heart. My condolenses goes out to his family. He will definately be missed…


18. 2010 in review « Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans - January 2, 2011

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19. JREDD - January 5, 2012

Dwayne was a good dude he didnt deserve what happened to him.I hope the cops catch who ever done that to him.I got my suspicionabout who done it.I wonder if the cops ever talk to his daughters mother.


20. Rude boy - January 14, 2012

Aint a day go by I don’t miss u my big bro eldon Gaddis was shot ya death killer never found its had for me ta be strong and dis happen way in 07 I still hurt I fight a fight not ta kill everyday cuz I really want des dudes dead but I know dat ain’t hon bring him bac rest fam rest 4 me cuz I can’t sleep


21. Keasha Emilien-Jackson - March 18, 2013

My Love, My Soulmate, My Hubby….
*Arthur Jackson* 05/08/78-07/01/07

It’s been 5yrs and it feels like yesterday…some days are better than others, but the pain remains…I’ve know this man since 1st grade, we attended elementary & high school together….He was my friend,soulmate,my LIFE…Our kids miss him so much, I wish he was here to mentor,guide, his boys(2) or see his daughter as she blossoms into a beautiful,bright,intelligent, young lady….although he died during his 2nd surgery it was still a result of gun violence…this type of savagery has claimed the ives of so many of Nola’s fathers, my youngest son’s kindergarten class had 6 kids including my son whose dad was killed…my really goes out to the kids, because they’re the ones whose really suffering….this has to STOP, just the thought of some poor child being told they’re dad is DEAD, gone foever and haing to endure the pain on their face, (as I recall my kids experience) breaks my heart….PEACE*


22. T.Turner - July 20, 2014

Rip jermaine Turner i miss you so much life without u is unbelievable wish i can see u just for one day i love u big brother keep watching ova me and momma tell lil west i said hey i miss u


23. D'Amber Terrell - March 25, 2016

Chrishondolaye Lamothe was my baby cousin that I didn’t get to meet. I talked to her almost every day when I talked to my father. She was only 2 years old and was the baby of our family. I hate that her life ended so soon. My daughtr favors her a lot. She was loved by many people. Rest on “Shonlaye”. Love always your big cousin D’Amber.


24. Holly lee - June 1, 2016

Archie Solet is my Uncle!! He is my best friend!! I miss him so much.


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