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You’re In Bad Hands with Allstate January 8, 2008

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Welcome to New Orleans, courtesy of the ongoing criminal enterprise that is sponsoring the Sugar Bowl and BCS champsionship game. Watch the lovely pre-game d cememonies, the sanctimonious adds on the diamondtron I endured at last year’s Sugar Bowl. Try to tell yourself, America, that if you’ve been gullible enough to fork over tens of thousands of dollars to Allstate that they won’t cheat you out of any settlement should you dare to file a claim. Good luck with that. Just ask Michael Homan. Here on the Hurricane Coast, we know better.

They have systematically tried to cheat their way out of paying out fair claims to Gulf Coast victims, and made record profits in the year of Katrina. They stand accused of systematically falsified engineering reports to cheat their customers and bilking the Federal government out (that’s you, Mr. and Mrs. You-Think-You’re-In-Good-Hands) out of millions. They have made their business model denial of claims. You pay them; they don’t pay you. They are not businessmen. They are racketeers. They are criminal scum. If you work for Allstate, you are scum. You are no less a predator than the drug dealers in central city.

Next year I propose we dispense with the niceties, and simply have the Medellin Drug Cartel Sugar Bowl.

Better yet, let’s make sure that next year, their is no more Allstate. As I proposed last May:

…consider this: Allstate proudly lists $157 Billion in assets. They’ve already lost one $2.8 million judgement based on one of their fradulent “engineering” reports. We could build a lot of levees and houses with $157 Billion. All we need is an attorney general with some balls…


1. Mattq - January 8, 2008

I was at the game last night and the CEO of allstate was booed when he was introduced before the game


2. Schroeder - January 8, 2008

… and never re-appeared after the game to handle the trophy or attempt to sell Allstate insurance to the hostile crowd.


3. David Pulling - February 5, 2008

I was truly gratified to discover your post on this topic. I slammed All-State in my blog about the same time with a title just about the same as yours.

My folks live in Covington and I live in Southwest Louisiana. Katrina, RIta–no difference in the immorality of the insurance industry.

You can see what I wrote on the topic at http://dpulling.wordpress.com/2008/01/03/the-bad-hands-of-allstate-corporate-hypocrisy-in-the-superdome/


4. Worth a Read: Allstate Report from Louisiana « I hate Allstate - July 31, 2008
5. ihateallstate - July 31, 2008

What a great post!

See my blog for more on Allstate:



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