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Oh, the kids are going to see the Beatles movie May 12, 2007

Posted by The Typist in cryptical envelopment, Dancing Bear, New Orleans, NOLA, Odds&Sods, Toulouse Street.

I just watched my daughter’s NOCCA dance recital video, the second half of which is a fabulous Beatles-based jazz/broadway number with a soundtrack from the new George Martin Beatles remix album. The last number is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

This led me to reflecting about the times I grew up in, when our parents innocently dropped us off at I think the (now condemed) Lowe’s State to see “a Beatles movie”. We were, what, maybe eleven at the time?

Wow. This was definitely not A Hard Day’s Night or the Beatles cartoons. (Remember those?)

One upside of my daughter’s immersion in the Beatles over the last several months is a big leap in her continuingly improving taste in music. It’s rather nice to hear the Beatles ringing out from her bedroom than some of the other stuff she has listened to over the years.

And she seemed genuinely shocked when I pointed out that the title bore some relation to another famous LSD.


1. charleyana - May 13, 2007

I always liked George, the quiet one.


2. Elspeth R - May 28, 2007

I am a lifelong Beatles fan – the first movie I was ever taken to see was “Yellow Submarine” and I was but two years old! 🙂 My mom says I danced the whole way thru it!


3. donna - September 15, 2007

I’ll never forget the Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show. Girls were screaming and passing out. I was hooked.


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