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James Booker is Alive And Well in Paris November 28, 2006

Posted by The Typist in Jazz, New Orleans, NOLA, Odds&Sods, Toulouse Street.
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Ok, well, not exactly, but N’wawlins own groove merchant Dan Phillips of Home of the Groove shouts out about some James Booker videos from Europe from the 1970s. One of my fondest memories of my life in my past life in NOLA (and AMONG least fuzzy, as this was often of a weekday afternoon) was waiting in the Maple Leaf for M to get off work around the corner and having Booker cadge drinks in the mostly empty bar. I never asked him to play for his drink, but he would often noddle about on the piano if he got his drink and was otherwise bored. If you are not a regular visitor to Dan’ s Home of the Groov hie thee hence immediately, or tear that WWOZ sticker off your car, you poser, and give up pretending.

Vid this, me droogies, the scroll down the other selections.


1. rsbawsus - December 6, 2006


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2. Jacquiebear - February 2, 2007

I loved you story about Booker. Do you have an photographs of Booker? I have always been interested in his work and would love to see some snaps of Booker at the Maple Leaf.


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