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Geek Food July 16, 2006

Posted by The Typist in Bloggers, Mid-City, New Orleans, NOLA, Toulouse Street.
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The wine did not arrive a time, a perfect post-Flood New Orleans touch to the Stormhoek Geek Dinner in New Orleans, hosted by Alan Guitierrez of Think New Orleans. The attendees cataloged already by Loki and Danger Blonde were not deterred, and there was beer enough and plenty of carried in food to keep the evening afloat and well fed.

A few of the bloggers in attended had threatened to take Stormhoek to task for the missing wine, but I take that to be just another (minor) example of how We Are Not OK in NOLA. For the evening, this collection of several dozens blog publishers, coders and assorted hangers-on was more than OK. And, when the wine does arrive, we will have a perfect excuse to do it all again.

I agree with Loki that the baby doll in the king cake and unofficial guest of honor was ten-year-old Blogger Kalypso, daughter of blogger Mike Homan who produced this video about our fair city.  And thanks again to GW for putting together this nifty list of the bloggers in attendance:


1. Sam - Stormhoek UK - July 27, 2006

The wine was definitely delivered!! I made sure it was!

We liaised with Morwen and delivered it to the address she gave us 2 DAYS before the event! She has now found it (seems someone there didnt put a note in her locker or something to tell her, which is frustrating) and is planning another geek dinner soon with it.

Such a shame you guys didnt have it for the event – sounds like you had a great time though. Next time….


2. wetbankguy - July 27, 2006

We’re still thankful that your provided the impetus for Geek Dinner 1, and the excuse for Geek Dinner 2. Thanks on behalf of us all.


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